About Us

About Us

Super Dr is India's first and most comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to making healthcare services simpler, accurate and credible for everyone.

Our mission is to connect doctors, allied services and patients to drive credible and accurate health care services which go a long way at not only saving lives but also to create an ecosystem within the country for rapid expansion of health care services across the length and breadth of our country. We are young as an organization but backed up by seasoned professionals from the health care sector. We aim to pioneer an innovative, free, cloud-based model for patients to store, share and consult health care professionals. Our processes are in a constant state of transformation to incorporate the latest advancements in healthcare facilities in our ecosystem of services.

There’s no catch, it’s really free. Super Dr's platform connects the complex ecosystem of medical professionals, patients, labs, billers, imaging centers and life science partners. Healthcare partners connect with our community of medical professionals about services that streamline their daily practice, allowing them to focus on delivering value-based care and drive better patient outcomes.

Our real-time clinical software would grow to become the first, largest and most accurate clinical dataset in the India. From identifying disease outbreaks to tracking Meaningful Use progress, Super Dr’s clinical research team is dedicated to helping independent medical practices deliver better, safer and more efficient care.

Most of the systems today available in India are solely for the purpose of accounting and distribution of business collection and Taxation purposes. Recently there are few software and apps available who give you information about the Doctors as per the grading’s of the company. And lastly there are a couple which can take appointments of the doctors who are enrolled with their app.