What is the cost of Laser Piles treatment in Mumbai ?

cost of Laser Piles treatment

What is the cost of Laser Piles treatment in Mumbai ?

Mumbai recently has seen a big leap and growth in the treatment of Piles / Hemorrhoids through laser. Surgeons doing Laser treatments promote it as a painless and faster recovery option to conventional treatments in some cases.

Though most of the insurance companies do not have a fixed package for Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty, yet they pay for the treatment. The charges range from ₹50,000/- to ₹100,000/- or even more in 5 star hospitals, depending on the class of accommodations and Hospitals. More and more people today opt for this kind of treatments. There are only few hospitals in Mumbai who have this kind of Lasers available.


  • A Day care procedure
  • it’s a non invasive procedure.
  • No blood loss.
  • Hardly any recovery time.
  • No Pain or very less pain

If you have an insurance please take a pre approval mentioning Laser treatment, as some mediclaim policies do not cover Laser treatments.

By Afzal Shaikh